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female. married. green party. pagan. closet hippie. retail management. cancer. family oriented. mother of three kitties. web designer. college graduate. geocacher. 

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New year, new adventures

Welcome all, to 2019! Here is to a new year full of new adventures and weekends full of family, friends and laughter.

Oliver is just about 10 months now, and we love that we have been able to share with him our adventure experiences. This year he will get to experience more Disneyland, Walt Disney World, lots of Geocaching, a few different Conventions (in CA, and Texas), and hopefully more time with Family.

Yesterday we took him on a Jeep ride out into the Arizona Desert, where we finished up our Geocaching Art - an F-35 plane. It felt good to accomplish something fairly large at the beginning of the new year. He was a trooper. Slept some of the time, but during the awake times played with his toys in his car seat. Only getting fussy a few short moments.

He is becoming quite active now - so to sit still for too long is not very fun for him. He crawls all over the living room, loft and our bedroom. He thinks pulling mommy's hair is funny, and likes things that make a lot of noise.

As mentioned above, we are headed to Walt Disney World this year, in just a few weeks actually. I was pregnant with Oliver the last time we were there. So It'll be fun to have him enjoy it all with us. Especially because he is so alert now. Disney trips in general will be fun, and entertaining as we get to see and experience it all through his eyes.

I am looking forward to all the new potential adventures that await us this year. Hoping for some good news on the work front in a few weeks. But I know I'll be patient if I need to. It won't hurt to give a little to Fortuna for a bit of luck in that matter. Wish us all luck.

Here is to an exciting new year!