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female. married. green party. pagan. closet hippie. retail management. cancer. family oriented. mother of three kitties. web designer. college graduate. geocacher. 

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The Energy that Unites Us

I'd like to think that even before my son I thought a lot about the nature of the universe. How different energies intertwined and worked with or against each other. But it has become a more constant thought now that Oliver is here.

His ability to communicate with me even through his non-existent vocabulary amazes me. Every touch, look, coo, cry, and movement helps me understand his needs. I used to think the best way to communicate was to just say something - but I am beginning to understand that words can be just as misused or used as a mask as almost anything can. But my son, and his method of communication, that is true and pure.

This morning while he was swinging in his baby swing he stuck out his right foot, so I kissed it. He smiled and pulled it back before sticking out the left one. I smiled at him and kissed his left foot. He pulled it back and replaced it with the right again. It went on like that for several minutes. It was like a game - and we didn't have words between us, just the motion, emotion, an energy that connected us in that moment. Eventually he stuck both out and forgot the game, but it was sweet and pure.

It reminds me how connected we are: human, plant, animal, stone, sun, sky, moon...

I have been so caught up in words. In using words to accomplish what I need, and these few short months with my son help me realize it is feelings, emotions, expressions that help us communicate and understand the universe around us.

I spoke recently on a podcast about my belief; energy is what connects us all. I pulled the description from the movie Avatar and how everything in their world and in their life is connected through that energy. In the movie they call it Eywa - and describe her/it as a deity. It is much simpler for me. That immediate connection is through the Earth. And while there are many forms provided to help visualize that energy, there is no physical form for me outside of that which is the planet we reside upon. The energy doesn't end there. There are many planets, and solar systems that provide life just like ours does, the energy extends beyond us. But for us it starts here.

We are the children of the Earth. We may use words now, but our connection to the Earth was once so pure as it is between Oliver and I now. I can only hope that as he grows he sees and feels that same connection to the Earth as I do.