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The year of happiness and magic

This year has been quite the whirlwind - but full of magic and happiness. It is important to take a few moments to remind yourself of your blessings in life, especially when you are feeling down. With my last post being in March of 2017, we've missed the discussion around our magical Anniversary Cruise to Alaska in June, the excitement of finding out we were pregnant in July, moving into our new house just before August, and ultimately the birth of our first son - Oliver in March of 2018.

As I mentioned above, I think it is important to write down the things that bring us happiness. As someone with a fairly stressful job I find that my life can be surrounded by stress. And without highlighting the great things in my life that stress can overwhelm me - drag me down and ultimately sap my energy that allows me to be successful. It is no one else's responsibility to find the happiness in my life.

Alaskan Cruise, Glacier

As we just passed our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, I put a lot of thought into how amazing our cruise to Alaska was last year for our 1st. 7 days of relaxation, pampering, and majestic glaciers/views. While I may not have packed appropriately for the weather - the moments we were able to enjoy the icy chill around the glaciers and hear the loud cracks and splash as the glacier deteriorated in front of us reminded me just how small, but important we are in this vast world. The idea that we have made such an impact on such a beautiful place had me in awe. It is my hope that these places don't become too few and far between, and that we can limit our negative impact in the years to come.

Shortly after our cruise to Alaska, we received the best news of our life. We were expecting our first child. I was blessed to have learned early on in my pregnancy that I was pregnant. For those who are trying to conceive, you understand the stress of waiting to find out month after month if you were finally successful. I do believe I allowed the stress of my job to outweigh the positive energy in my life and in turn, it look us much longer than I would have expected to conceive. Thanks to a new found friend (at the time) we were able to refocus that energy with the support of a wonderful herbal mix in a satchel to direct that energy in the right direction. My pregnancy would go on to be fairly uncomplicated, and "normal". Another blessing - as my energy was sapped yet again during the holiday madness we have grown accustom to due to working in retail.

It was important to me to ensure we set up our house with the most positive energy before we moved in. I was lucky enough to prepare appropriately to lay some stones beneath the foundation the day before our concrete foundation was poured. My husband and I used Black Lava Salt, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Black Tourmaline to provide the most protection, and peaceful energy at the very foundation of our new home together.

Moving in was quite a challenge for me - as I was early in my pregnancy and I was fearful if I did anything I would harm our baby. Fortunately, as I mentioned above, I did not end up high risk, and my worry was for nothing. And thanks to our preparation from the laying of the foundation, I find peace in coming home each and every day. This is my happy place.

As we approached the "guess date" for our son, I remember feeling anxious and excited. With an idea that he would arrive around 3/20, I secretly hoped he would come on Pi day. Silly - but it would have been fitting for my husband and I. Our wish was almost granted, when my water broke on 3/14 - however, the 27 hour labor that followed guaranteed us a birth date of 3/15. All of which provided us great fun when we realized that (unintentionally) it was the birth date of a beloved HP character's actor who's character shared the same name as our son. Oliver knew it was very important for my mother (his nana) to join us before he made his grand entrance. He was born at 8:35 pm on 3/15. My beautiful, 8lb 9oz, bundle of magic.

Now here we are 3 months in, and we find that the sleepless nights, and 3 am feedings are absolutely worth the energy it takes. I almost feel like becoming a mother has imparted me with super powers. But maybe as I think about it - I had that power all along.

This post came into being as I prepare for an interview for a new pagan podcast for millennials. It reminded me that I need to take the time for myself - my family - and know that it is only going to be when I give myself that grace that I will be successful in all other aspects of my life. While our energy is never really destroyed, it can be transferred into less productive outlets that prevent us from being happy. I wish everyone well - and appreciate the quiet welcome back into the small place on the web that allows me to find peace.

Blessed Be