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female. married. green party. pagan. closet hippie. retail management. cancer. family oriented. mother of three kitties. web designer. college graduate. geocacher. 

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Prepping for PantheaCon 2017

PantheaCon 2015 Name Badge

It's hard to believe that it is almost time for PantheaCon. I remember trying to get my hotel reservation in December thinking that was an awfully long ways away, and now it is less than 42 days away. I decided on ribbons this year... we shall see if 300 is enough. If I have left overs, I can always bring them back next year.

I took some time to create a travel list, it almost covers an entire page.. and I'm sure I'll add more. If you've not been to Con, or it has been a while... heed some advice:

- Bring Water (or something to carry water) - Bring layers (depending on the room it can get cold) - Don't be upset with yourself if you cannot do "everything"! - Review the schedule several times before you even get there, to ensure you don't miss something you really want to do - Bring Cash for the Vendor Room... some take cards - but better to be prepared - Take time for yourself, away from everyone else - Chargers (phone, tablet, kindle, etc) are a must. This place is an energy suck - Take a shower - Have fun... it's about the experience and the people. Relax from reality

This year, I am excited because I am actually staying at the Doubletree! This will be the first time in 7 years. I've stayed at overflow hotels, non-overflow motels, my sisters house, and my own house (when I lived in the bay)... Excited to not need to walk or drive to another hotel. Now too bad I cannot bring my cats...