Faelyn & Mikael, Geocaching Mega Event, 2016  Yuma, AZ

Niko shows how prim and proper he can be, 2016 Elk Grove, CA

Maiya giving her mama some love during a bout of the cold, 2016 Arizona

Star hording her green mouse all to herself, 2016 Elk Grove, CA

Pictured above is Niko, he is my tabby rescue from when I lived in the Bay Area of California. He is our little ball of energy, running around at odd hours in the morning and chasing after his sisters. He is such a love bug, too - as long as you don't force him to lay on you. He will lay next to you all day long.


Next is Maiya, she is a seal point Siamese. She is my sweetheart. Also a rescue kitty, she loves to lay on me, sit on my lap, and all around just be close to mama. She was rescued from a house that had been flagged by the city for having too many cats living in it and outside. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was meant to come home with me. She does not tend to be very active unless her baby brother (Niko) starts to play with her. She usually likes to be alone, and find sanctuary on my bed during the day.


I got Star, a tortoiseshell calico, around the same time as Maiya. Star will only sit with you on her terms. She is a bit of an attention seeker and loves to be rubbed, but don't you dare pick her up... she is a bit feisty. When I do tend to get her in my arms she likes to "hold" onto one of my fingers as if hanging on for dear life. She means well but can get a bit rough.


Lastly, I have three red ear sliders I mentioned above. They are a bit camera shy - or just don't know how to pose... But they are a complete part of our lives. We are in the process of buying a house to give them their own private pond to live in.


Born and raised in a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, I've always had a love for nature. However, as I was also raised in a technology savvy household, I grew up loving technology, websites, and graphic design, too.


Now, I am married to my wonderful husband, mother to Oliver, 3 rambunctious kitties, and 3 lazy red ear slider turtles. We live in central Arizona just outside of Phoenix.   Mike and I were married on June 11, 2016 (61116 for all your number nerds out there). 


From a spiritual perspective, I am pagan. I do consider myself a witch. I know there are far too many definitions out there that put a derogatory spin or even a too overly "love and light" spin on both of those words, but to me, I revere nature and the energy that can be found in the smallest pebbles to the largest boulders, and I believe that I have the power to influence/impact the energy of the world through use of my own energy.


I have considered myself pagan for over a decade and was introduced to my path in 2004 when I was using my computer to complete research for a school project. I don't remember why I did it, but I remember looking up the term "Wicca," and I have been learning/growing/practicing my spiritual path ever since. I do not still identify as Wiccan, simply because my beliefs are much more eclectic than that.


I mention that I am still learning and growing on my path because I know there are things that I don't know. There will always be things I don't know. I do not honor a specific deity on my path. I work best with energy, of stones, candles, food, water, dirt, etc. Everything has an energy - and it is through this energy that we can interact with, and affect change in the world/universe we live in.


About me

The newest addition to our growing family joined us on March 15, 2018. Oliver has provided us with many hours of joy, and sleepless nights. His personality emerges as a happy and smiley little boy who loves to watch his owls on his swing - and kick the animals on his noisy kick and play piano. 


He has begun to make new friends as he joined daycare at just 12 weeks old so his mom and dad could work to provide him the best life possible. We are excited to see him grow and become enchanted by the wonders of life. 


His exploration of his hands, and his interest in all things colorful has excited his mother. Whether his future interests are in art, magic, science, or the social aspects of our world, I am grateful to call him my son. 

To the left, Oliver sharing with the world his mothers' true nerd nature, 2018 Peoria, AZ


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