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Welcome to the Project on 26 Mar 2014 // comments [0]
Welcome to projectfae.org! Let me tell you a little about the project, and what it means for you! My name is April, and I am a geocacher. I have been geocaching for just under 5 years. As of today I have 818 geocache finds and I am working on what is called in the geocaching world as a 365 day streak. My goal is to find a geocache a day for 365 days straight. After today, I will be on day 82 of my streak. I started geocaching back in June of 2009 when a friend of mine introduced me to geocaching - at night, in a park behind a school in a nearby town to my hometown. Thinking about it now, I laugh - because back then none of us had a GPSr, and with that first attempt we didn't even have a google map printout of where we really should be looking. All we knew it that it was in this park... somewhere.

After that first DNF, I went home and did some more research on the subject. I found Geocaching.Com and began to read as much as I could on the subject. Now, we created our own team username, that is now sitting in a geocaching graveyard - but we were able to rack up ~25 finds together. Afterwards, I knew I wanted to keep finding them on my own - so I created my own account and The Fae was born. I found 47 caches using google maps and good geosense until I was given my first GPSr for my 21st birthday! It was a Garmin Nuvi 500. It had the ability to go offroad, and onroad. It was my parents way of making sure I knew where I was going at all times - geocaching or not.

That GPSr served me well, and it was not until this year when I had the opportunity to get a Garmin Oregon 400t. My grandparents had geocached for a short period of time, but they had gotten away from it and did not want the GPSr to go to waste.

On top of my GPSr, I also utilize C:Geo for Android on my phone. It's useful while Geocaching in Urban areas.

In the next few weeks, I'll be looking up some reviews on GPSr's - I've been interested in the one that works with Android...

So, that is a little about me. Now what about this website? I hope to use this as a written form (log if you will) of my discoveries. I know, we are already 81 days into my Geocaching Streak, but I think the art of logging is a lost artform. And with this website, I want to bring it back.

There could also be pictures, and if you use instagram, you can follow me - projectfae. So stick around, an see what this project can become!

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