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Jailbreaking the Goddess by LFA

I am in the middle of reading chapter two of Jailbreaking the Goddess, by Lasara Firefox Allen and I came across something she wrote that struck me. I am placing it here for now, so I can expand upon it at a later time.


"This level of examination we must adhere to; think a word or phrase through before you use it. And when you get it wrong (and we all get it wrong), change it".

This can be true for many things, not just words we use, but things we say, our actions, etc.

When you make a mistake, own it, and grow from it.

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Posted on 11 Jan 2017 by The Fae | 0 comments

PantheaCon - Prep work

It's hard to believe that it is almost time for PantheaCon. I remember trying to get my hotel reservation in December thinking that was an awfully long ways away, and now it is less than 42 days away. I decided on ribbons this year... we shall see if 300 is enough. If I have left overs, I can always bring them back next year.

I took some time to create a travel list, it almost covers an entire page.. and I'm sure I'll add more. If you've not been to Con, or it has been a while... heed some advice:

- Bring Water (or something to carry water)
- Bring layers (depending on the room it can get cold)
- Don't be upset with yourself if you cannot do "everything"!
- Review the schedule several times before you even get there, to ensure you don't miss something you really want to do
- Bring Cash for the Vendor Room... some take cards - but better to be prepared
- Take time for yourself, away from everyone else
- Chargers (phone, tablet, kindle, etc) are a must. This place is an energy suck
- Take a shower
- Have fun... it's about the experience and the people. Relax from reality

This year, I am excited because I am actually staying at the Doubletree! This will be the first time in 7 years. I've stayed at overflow hotels, non-overflow motels, my sisters house, and my own house (when I lived in the bay)... Excited to not need to walk or drive to another hotel. Now too bad I cannot bring my cats...

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Posted on 06 Jan 2017 by The Fae | 0 comments

wedding shower planning

For those of you who know me, I have a hard time relinquishing control - maybe I think I can do it better, or I just like to know something is going to get done... either way, I've taken on a little bit of the wedding shower planning. I trust my maid of honor, and she is taking on a lot of the shower - but I decided to help with some of the sign work and the "goodie" bags.
I bought a few things from bath and body works, and I am making my own tins of bath salts (for the girls) and a bbq rub (for the guys). After that MCL1080 and I went to the Michaels and bough some chalkboard signs for all the fun games. I think we will find some time to put it all together this weekend -- April 23rd is getting closer....

Outside of the DIY, and crafting... we still need to clean up the house to make it presentable. We chose our house for the wedding shower due to the space we have in the front rooms, and backyard. It just makes more sense. However, it just means we need to clean up, and make sure the house is spotless. Yay... vacuuming...

I'm excited for the wedding to come - and partially ready for it to just be over, so we can all relax and get on with the honeymoon! We have decided to go on a road trip, we will go from California to Nevada, to Idaho, to Utah, to Colorado. In Colorado we will attend Geowoodstock, and then take a day trip to Kansas for a visit to Mingo and Arikaree. Then we will leave Colorado and go south to New Mexico, into Arizona and take Route 66 back into California - and then up to home. It should be a fun 2.5 weeks off work! As long as I can keep up with school still...

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Our Happily Ever After

Mikael and April met for the first time on January 14, 2014 at a Geocaching Event in Napa, CA. She had just moved to the area a few months before due to work, and this was her first Geocaching event since she began Geocaching again. The event was GC4W0NP - F.R.O.G.S. First event of 2014 in NAPA.

On May 13, 2014 Mikael and April attended another Geocaching event together in Cordelia. She had just gotten a new GPSr and wanted to show it off. This cute boy, Mikael, was sitting next to her holding his GPSr, and it looked similar. April sparked the conversation by asking to see it, and what it was. He had a Garmin Montana, she had a Garmin Monterra (Her's had android on it!). She was excited because she thought her's was better... :-P That event was GC539VD - F.R.O.G.S. MAY EVENT.

On July 19, 2014 April drove up, by herself, to Yosemite for a Geocaching Clean Up event at the park. Very late that evening Mikael and his friend came up together for the same event. April began to take a bit more notice of the boy she first met back in January, and over the next few days they found over 70 Geocaches together. On the way home from Yosemite April followed Mikael and his friend through the Sonora Pass and found several more Geocaches before stopping in Sonora to find one more. April knew that Mikael's friend was going to have to backtrack home after dropping Mikael off in Cordelia. So she decided it would be a good idea to get to know him more by offering to drive him the rest of the way home - to save his friend the trouble, of course. Mikael said yes, and they spent the entire drive talking about themselves, their hobby, and their lives up to this point. It's safe to say April fell for him. That event was GC4Y868 - Yosemite Summer VIP/CITO Event: Tuolumne Meadows.

After almost a year together, having moved in with each other in Vacaville, and moved again into Elk Grove, Mikael and April spent some time talking about the future. They both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. So on June 28, 2015, Mikael put in place a plan to take April on a Geocaching trip around their new town of Elk Grove. He had planned all the specific Geocaches for the day, and made sure everything was just right. To throw off suspicion his friend Jimmy came with them to find all 14 Geocaches. Everything was fairly normal, April was the driver, Mikael was the Navigator, he had all the Geocaches loaded onto his Garmin Montana, and was logging them all as they were found. Nothing was out of the ordinary, minus his navigation skills seeming to be a bit off as they backtracked around Elk Grove several times. In all they found:
GC313CX - Waterman #5
GC1ZZQ0 - I Was There
GC58042 - LTF
GC5DZZK - Luxo Jr.
GC4FZD6 - Yiayia's #1 - Lil' Bill's Cache
GC5E1MP - Ouija
GC2Q94V - Ummm Beer - Elk Grove
GC47FKG - My one and only
GC44A4P - Anatopism
GCQ52X - Return of Elk Trout Snout
GC2T81K - Rootkerplosion
GC4KD56 - Yiayia's Park Series #4
GC1PDVT - Mall of the future
GC4P5NY - Eagl3eyes' Creation
It was not until they returned home and April started to work on logging all their finds did she noticed what they backtracking all day was about. He was trying to find them in order, to spell out "WILL YOU MARRY ME". When she noticed she called him out to the living room and asked if he had something to ask her. He said, "Do you want to get married?" and she said, "YES!"

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Posted on 07 Apr 2016 by The Fae | 0 comments

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