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A Geocaching Proposal on 28 Jun 2015
I did not wake up this morning thinking of it as any kind of special day. It was Sunday after all... which meant that tomorrow was Monday, and I needed to go back to work...
So, when MCL1080 told me he wanted to go find a few Geocaches I thought nothing of it - because that's what we do - we Geocache! Jhhwild came with us, as he had come down for an event the prior day and stayed the night. We all piled into "Zee - The Mazda 3" and off we went!

MCL1080 did all of the navigating - which was not odd at all, as that was his normal role during our Geoaching Adventures... We headed off down the road and found the first cache. It was a traditional - hidden in a traditional way... "Cool, find #1!" After that we piled back into the car and worked our way to the next one.

One by one we found a cache today. Without too much difficulty at most of them, the only thing that made the day odd was the consistent back and fourth driving that was very unlike MCL1080's normal Navigating skills. "It's okay," he said, "I have a plan". So I trusted him.

We backtracked several times, and I tried to be patient with him as we got stuck in traffic once or twice. It would all make sense... or so I hoped.

We found 14 caches today! Nothing special - but a pretty nice day overall. We headed home after our last one and was happy - cause at least week stopped at a cache closer to the house. I drove us home, right around the corner and MCL1080 sent me the field notes file. This was also normal... He tended to keep the field notes, as the driver it's difficult to mark every cache you found...

I loaded the caches into GSAK and uploaded the field notes file. That is when things started coming together. I decided to try and figure out why on earth he made me back track so much and it became clear when I read the first letter of every cache, backwards from the one we ended with, to the one we started with.... "W I L L Y O U M A R R Y M E"!

With a huge grin on my face I called him back out into the living room and said, "did you have something you wanted to ask me?"
He asked, "Do you want to get married?" and of course I said, "YES!" He pulled out a ring and put in on my finger. And my ordinary day turned into a memory I would never forget.

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GC5B15D Coffee, Caching and a Souvenir on 31 Aug 2014
I tend to be a glutton for punishment... After working 11pm Friday night to 7am Saturday morning I decided it would be a great idea to attend an event at 9am.... Who needs sleep anyway?

MCL1080 and I drove up to this event.. late. But better late than never. I grabbed myself a coffee and got a fruity drink for MCL1080 ( ). Then, we mingled a bit.
The coffee worked amazingly. And soon after we were having a raffle. MCL1080 won an A Team container, and I won a FTF!

Once the event met it's end, we drove off together with Two Bison and our Host CACory to find a few first to finds. Our Caravan consisted of the Joyful half of JoyfulNomad, A Team Vallejo, Shark Z family and the Jack part of Jack&Berli.

Our caravan took a detour through the Costco Parking Lot before headed in the right direction towards the FTF's...

GC5BZC5 - A Little Walk in Narnia

Our story continues as we arrived at our first FTF of the day. The a few coordinates were transposed by accident and we ended up with two FTF's in the same spot.

After a little bit of chaos we just followed our own makeshift arrow/host/CO CACory to GZ - where he pointed us in the general direction.

Everyone else attempted to make this hide much more difficult that it needed to be. After I looked in the obvious spot we inked our name as Team FROGS at 10:25am.

GC5BZBA - Can you spot the cache?

Once we managed our way through Narnia we walked the short distance over to this cache. We matched the picture with the area and began our search. Shark Z made the grab on this one.

At 10:39am we inked our FTF at 10:39am.

GC5BYN3 - Do you love movies?

After our two FTF's - we were asked if we wanted to try for the other two new caches that were raffled off. We are not ones to turn down another cache so we followed the directions to this one where I pointed out what type of hide it was as we drove up.

Two Bison's words of wisdom where that he would never turn down any time of cache. We agreed and made the quick find at 11:05am - inking once again as Team FROGS.

GC5BZAT - Q up the quick multi!

The last one of the morning was not too far down the road... where we actually came up on the FTF raffle winners as they were starting there search at stage 1.

We helped them out with the first stage and followed them over to the 2nd stage on foot.

After a quick search the final was found and we inked ourselves in as Team FROGS once more.

Once all the Geocaching fun was had MCL1080 and I headed up to Loomis to visit family. I got entirely too little sleep and then headed back to work - where I log this, trying to keep myself awake.

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recipe for a great day on 14 Jun 2014

Today was all about making the most out of the time I had.

Starting tomorrow, my week will get a little hectic and busy. So today needed to be a last minute catch up, a day off, a caching day, a family day, and a Fathers Day Celebration all wrapped into one....

I woke up early today. Just after 5:30am. I got ready, dressed in work clothes and headed off to a nearby store to complete a visit before the week was over. I spent 3 hours there and then continued on towards Sacramento, CA (Approx 1 hour away) to partake in a Geocaching event for Flag Day.

I got to meet up with some old friends, and make some new ones. As always, with events, great food, conversation, and company.

Many Thanks goes out to LostSailRs for hosting, and for the Raffle Prize! I get hide a "Large" soon!

After having a great time at the event I decided I wanted to grab the cache nearby in the lot before I left the area.

I was walking over to it while some other cachers were looking... I asked them if they had any luck and they all said no. The cache seems to be missing...

Someone mentioned where they thought it might be, due to its hint, the object at GZ, and previous logs. So thinking the cache might have fallen from reach I offered to grab my cache mobile and bring over my various TOTTs.

Once I got back to GZ with all the goodies I set everything up, stepped up to make myself taller and used another one of my TOTTs to fish for the cache.

My first attempt was unsuccessful. So I tried again, this time it felt like I might have pushed the cache further... so I began to pull my TOTT back.... and wouldn't you know what was attached to the other side?! The Cache! "I got it!! I got it!!" Shouting and clapping ensued. And a picture was even taken. We all passed the log around for everyone to sign and then it was replaced - this time with care as to not go missing again.

After all the caching excitement was over, I continued on my mission for a somewhat 'day off'. I continued up the freeway to visit my Mother. We had a nice chat, and watched some fun shows before I headed off again for Sushi, time to chat with my old Boss and ultimately my trek to see my dad.

After stopping and purchasing some flowers, balloons and cards I made my way to the Memorial Park where my dad and great grandfather were buried. I placed the balloons and flowers on both their graves and spent a short amount of time just remembering my dad. It's hard to believe its been two years since he passed...

My final stop for the night before heading home was go my grandparents house. Where I think I accidentally woks up my Papa by ringing the door bell. Oops. I spent almost an hour visiting with my Nana after wishing my Papa a Happy Fathers Day. It was great feeling, catching up with family.

Now, I back at home. Safe an sound. The thoughts of work flooding my mind once more. Guess it's time for relaxation and sleep...

GC2C3FP - Making An Entrance
GC5084H - "Wave that Flag" Day Get Together - RCGDS June '14

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GC4e1aa - I lost my taco at the beach! on 13 Jun 2014

This cache has been in my nightmares since I started Geocaching again.

I remember one day in January, taking my lunch here at this location just so I could attempt this cache. I looked everywhere... at least everywhere I could reach...

I also remember talking with GeoTabG about this cache. He told me he was able to just reach it... I think it was at this point that I said something along the lines of, "well then I won't be able to reach it from the ground!" GTG is taller than me you see... The Fae is a vertically challenged individual. She wears heels some times to hide that fact, but every night the heels come off and she is a lowly 5 foot 2 inches tall.

I've tried to grab this cache on numerous occasions since that first attempt. However, the lot always seemed so busy. Apparently, everyone likes tacos... Today, I was coming back into Napa to check my mail. I had worked in Novato today and got finished early enough to head towards Napa instead of home, to Vallejo. After grabbing my mail, I thought about which geocache I wanted to nab a smiley from today - and I remembered this one. I would really love to get it off my "DNR" list (Did Not Reach...), and so I decided it would be a good day to try out the crates I had recently placed in the back of my cachemobile.

I pulled up to GZ, and wouldn't you know, they were doing construction on the place! A nice big construction vehicle was parked right in front of the cache, blocking my searching from anyone peering over from the street. Now all I had to worry about was the lovely muggles from the drive through.

First, I walked around GZ once again, just to make sure there was nothing I could reach from ground level. Nope... Okay, time for the crate. I grabbed myself a crate and placed it where I thought it might be... I stepped up and moved my hand around a bit... Nope... Nope... GOT IT!! Woohoo!

I quickly signed the log, and placed the cache back where I had found it. Now, I suppose it's a good time as any to mention my footwear for today's cache hunt... Remember, I'd just come from work... in fact I was conducting interviews all day - so I had to look my best. So naturally I put on my 4 inch heels. Well, I also just happened to forget to place my flip flops in my car this morning and found myself standing on a crate, sitting on uneven grass, in 4 inch heels...

Oh the things we do for a smiley . Thanks for this one today!
GC4E1AA - I lost my taco at the beach!

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GC56RYK - "The Lannisters Send Their Regards" on 12 Jun 2014

FTF @ 2:44pm! Woohoo!!!

Today is my only day off for the week. So I slept in until after 9am. When I did get out of bed, I kinda just lounged around the house, until I got hungry. I finally got ready for the day and went and bought some lunch at Habit Burger in Vallejo.

After lunch, I decided I didn't really want to hang around the house all day anyway, so I went to do some caching in nearby Crockett. I found a total of 6 finds today in Crockett, which brought me up to find 1,100!

I was about to head home, while talking with GeoTabG through Google Hangout and he suggested I go try the cache that published this morning. He then proceeded to tell me two people couldn't find it already.

I decided it was kinda on the way home anyway, so I directed myself to GZ. When I got there, I began searching in all the places I would hide a cache. I came up empty. Cars were passing by, I'm sure I was getting looks. I tried to look as inconspicuous as possible.

I took another minute to read the cache description and hint - hoping it would help me come up with something I had not thought of... I'm not sure if it was the hint, or if it was just dumb luck... but right after reading the hint I decided to check something else out. I reached up, and felt around--- "FOUND IT!" I was so excited I nearly dropped my phone.

I pulled the log out, and it was clean! What an awesome way to end a caching day! I ran back to the car because, in my excitement, I forgot my pen... I signed the log, and placed the cache back exactly how I found it. Thanks to ZombieMozart for the new cache near home - and the FTF opportunity!

GC56RYK - "The Lannisters Send Their Regards"

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